Administrative Review

If your UK visa application was refused, you may be able to challenge the Home Office’s decision by applying for an administrative review.
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Administrative Review

This process is different to an appeal.  By using this method you are making a request for the Home Office to reconsider their decision as you believe they made a mistake in refusing your visa such as a citizenship application.

This process is used where you don’t have a right of appeal.  A hearing will not take place and an internal review will be conducted.  A decision will be made based on the documents you submit as part of the administrative review application. 

Usually a decision will be provided in 6 months.  However you must apply within 14 days from the refusal if you are applying from within the UK.  If you are overseas you have 28 days to request an administrative review. 

We advise you to contact us urgently to discuss our immigration services and start the review process immediately.

If you are successful in the administrative review the Home Office’s initial refusal will be reversed.

This procedure is not as assessment of your immigration application but a review as to whether the decision was legal, rational and fair.

The Home Office will state in their letter whether you can continue with this route.  In certain situations you may not be able to seek an administrative review such as a refusal in your application for a tourist visa or a human rights claim. 

Our expert immigration solicitors are available to review your options based on the Home Office letter.

There are several possible outcomes of an administrative review, including:

  • The decision is reversed
  • The decision remains
  • The decision remains, but one or more of the reasons for refusal are removed
  • The decision remains, but new reasons for refusal are added

Our immigration solicitors are able to assist you in preparing your application for administrative review please call us on 0161 832 8867 or enquire online to book your consultation session.


The Home Office fee for the review is £80.  We recommend you wait for the decision of the review before submitting a new application.  If you make a new application such as a spouse visa or citizenship application your review is automatically withdrawn.