Sponsor Licence/ Tier 2

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Sponsor Licence/ Tier 2

This sponsor licence allows any UK employer to employ workers who are foreign nationals already in the UK on another visa or from overseas.  The employee can be a foreign national living in the UK or overseas.  The Worker can then apply for a work visa i.e. skilled worker visa.

Once a sponsor licence is granted it is valid for 10 years.  You cannot obtain a licence for an illegal business.

The application is difficult and once granted you must ensure you commit to a compliance regime.  

We are able to set procedures in place for your business to ensure you comply with the sponsor licence once granted.

You can apply for a licence employing temporary workers or long term.  There is no minimum turnover required for your business.  Usually a decision will be given in 6 months from submitting your application.  Fast track applications are available for an additional Home Office fee.

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  • Be a trading business in the UK
  • Have HR processes and procedure
  • You must show your business is trading whether this is a limited company or sole trader
  • Have no unspent criminal convictions
  • Key personnel requirements
  • Previous sponsor licence revoked in the last year

As this licence is targeting foreign nationals you must show your business requires a genuine need for foreign workers.  Depending on your business the workers may fulfil different requirements of your business.  As part of our service we will guide you in obtaining the necessary documents to show the need for the sought after workers.

The Home Office will check that the roles are relevant to your trading business.  Also your business must sponsor workers and be able to meet the salary requirements.

This licence is specific to your business.  We will be able to provide more assistance upon receipt of the detailed workings of your business.

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Home Office fees

Type of licence

Small or charitable sponsors

Medium or large sponsors

Worker licence



Temporary Worker licence



Worker and Temporary Worker licence


£ 1,476

Adding a Worker licence to an existing Temporary Worker licence

No cost


Adding a Temporary Worker licence to an existing Worker licence

No cost

No cost



In some cases the Home Office may refuse your application.

Appeals can usually be made should your visa such as spouse visa or student visa be refused.

There are several grounds on which the Home Office may refuse your application such as:

  • You may be subject to a deportation order
  • Your exclusion from the UK is beneficial to UK citizens
  • You failed to co-operate
  • You have provided insufficient evidence to support your application

The refusal from the Home Office will state whether you can appeal.  There are strict timescales for you to lodge an appeal with the Home Office.  This is usually 14 days. 

This will allow you to challenge the refusal and go to a tribunal to review the decision.  The merits of your immigration application will be assessed at the tribunal.

If your application has been refused please seek assistance to appeal urgently.

We provide immigration services and can represent you in your appeals to various visa refusals such as a spouse visa.

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